Hever Residents Association

"To preserve, protect and, if possible, improve the local environment"

Social Events

There are three main events during the year, the Annual General Meeting, which is held during January, the Summer Event, which has taken various forms, of which the "Hever Olympics" seems to be the most popular, and the Firework Display, which is held at the beginning of November.

Other functions are arranged on an ad-hock basis. Things like the Millenium Party, VE Day Celebrations and the like don't come around that often, and we like to make the best of them when they do!

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Carol Singing 2014

Saturday 20thDecember

Lots of you came and enjoyed the mulled wine & mince pies in the Henry (thanks, Tony and David), and then a full (standing room only) St. Peter's thoroughly enjoyed singing carols old and new (I didn't know 'Do they know it's Christmas?' was a carol!).

Carol Singing 2014-01 Carol Singing 2014-01

The spectacular '12 days of Christmas' kept us all active, and the children's 'Little Donkey' was suitably moving, as were the poems and readings (thanks to all). Our Rector, resplendent in white antlers was magnificent throughout with her organisation and very active leadership of not just a packed church, but also the superb Edenbridge Town Band. Huge thanks to Jane and all her helpers!

We, (HRA) would like to thank our co-sponsors - The Henry Management, the Parish Council, St Peter's PCC and especially the super-organiser Laura Palmer, for a really lovely start to Christmas - roll on 2015!

Fireworks Flyer 2013

Hever Residents Association Fireworks

Saturday November 8th

At 7.30pm prompt on the Parish Field.

Our annual fireworks display is rapidly becoming our Piece de Resistance. Since its inception in 1994 it has grown into something quite spectacular!

Not your typical back-garden display this, oh no. With no less that three British Pyrotechnists Association registered firers in the village we play with the big-boys toys!

Standing in the King Henry VIII Inn car park on a chilly November evening eating barbecued hot-dogs and burgers with soft drinks or beer courtesy of the pub, the crowd expectantly peers into the darkness of the Parish Field...

Slowly, the car park lights fade, the music builds and BANG! We're off into fifteen minutes of carefully choreographed mayhem, eyes and ears assaulted by what many reckon to be the best Fireworks to Music Display for miles...

And what's more (thanks to our generous sponsors) its FREE! We just ask that you come and watch, enjoy yourselves, and show your appreciation by putting a few pounds in the bucket collection when you leave...

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Easter Litter Pick

Hever Village Friday 18th April from 9:00am to 12:00 noon
Easter Litter Pick!

We are planning a community litter pick in Hever on the morning of Good Friday 18th April from 9.00am to 12.00 noon. Please bring your family or just yourself to assist. Most of the litter is discarded from passing cars so we will have to work on the roads and lanes around the parish. If you have youngsters with you or would prefer not to pick on the roads then let us know and we can assign you to a footpath.

We will meet at the Hever Village Hall from 9.00am for a briefing and to collect bags and high viz vests. If you are unable to get there for 9.00am or can only offer an hour of your time then please turn up at the Hall any time during the morning or just pop in for a cup of tea or coffee! (my spies tell me there might be Hot Cross Buns too! - Ed.)

There is no need to register beforehand but to help give an idea of numbers then please call John Roundhill on 01732 700334 or email me john@ingenpartners.co.uk

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H.M. Queen Elizabeth II - 60th Jubilee

Hever Village Celebrations, 4th June 2012
The Teaparty!

It had been a wet weekend (of a wet summer!), the Queen’s river pageant was nearly washed out, but the Monday public holiday dawned dry, though cloudy as Hever Village set up its event. Marquees, lighting and sound systems; bunting, bar and barbecue, were all set up by volunteers.

Starting with a childrens’ tea party, the band (an up-market London 4 piece, ‘Jazzbomb’) arrived and setup to complement and take over the PA music as the evening wore on. Soon the barbecue was serving delicious food, the bar was doing what all bars do, children were having races, having their faces painted, gobbling (not in Hever, surely!) their luscious tea, making a lot of noise but failing to drown the sweet sounds of the band. There was, I’m told, dancing, no doubt decorous (we are in Hever!).

Lighting the Beacon

We had a very large turnout of both children and adults; cynics would point to the advertising mentioning the event was free, but the bucket collection certainly showed that at least some of the crowd had a conscience (of course, this is Hever).

As 10pm approached, a mediæval figure in armour with gleaming sword appeared, all cloaked in red – ‘twas Sir Gerry (no, not surgery!). He led a procession, accompanied by his attractive ladies (I told you this was Hever!) to the Village beacon on the Parish Field, As St Peter’s bells rang out, he exchanged greetings with the procession from the church.Jubilee Jazz He also ‘knighted’ some heroes (sadly for the heroes using a horizontal swipe, rather than a slight vertical tap!). He and the remaining heroes, then lit the beacon to great cheers and appropriate music. The beacon looked as always, marvellous against the night sky.

All in all, a great celebration. Many thanks were due to the sponsors (HRA, the Parish Council and the Henry VIIIth Inn), and especially to the organisers and helpers, ably led and cajoled by our very own impresario, Laura Palmer (surprised she has any hair left!), and HRA chairman, Adrian.

And it was still dry!

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The Annual General Meeting

Drinks and Nibbles!

AGM? A social event? Are you kidding? - well actually no, we're not!

Yes, our AGM is, like many others, somewhat dry (not in the alcoholic sense!) and (dare I say it) BORING. But it does have two things in its favour: -

Also, for those of you with insomnia, we have the perfect cure - a little light bedtime reading... You can access the minutes of the IGM and ALL the AGMs' online (Adobe Reader required) by clicking on the relevant year below!

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The Firework Display