Hever Residents Association

"To preserve, protect and, if possible, improve the local environment"

Meet the Committee...

As stated elsewhere, every committee member is willing to offer help and advice regarding local matters. We will do our best to help - if we do not know the answer, we generally know someone who does!

Here's some background on the "nameless faces" you see at the AGM...

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Adrian Maurice - Chairman


Adrian and his wife Zoya (yes she is foreign - Russian) moved into Hever in the Summer of 1997 and since then have added a daughter Katya and son Alec to the family. Greeted on their first day by past Chairman Christopher Dane, Adrian and family have remained connected to the HRA ever since.

Educated at Tonbridge and later at Durham University, Adrian grew up in Rotherfield and after Uni spent the next 19 years in London. Marriage and impending insanity led to a break for the country from where Adrian commutes to London where he runs a business that designs and implements solutions that help organisations move from paper based, to electronic business systems.

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Jan Ryan - Secretary/Treasurer

Jan R

I'm Jan Ryan, Secretary to HRA.

I took the minutes of the very first, inaugural Meeting (largely I suspect because I foolishly admitted that I could write !) way back in January 1990. As nobody dared to tell me to go away, I have taken the minutes of every Committee Meeting and Annual General Meeting ever since.

One of my proudest moments was seeing the Association's name in print, as an advisor to a House of Lords Select Committee which was directly instrumental in getting a law changed. Never again will Villages such as ours be plagued with a rash of Distinctly non-agricultural new built 'barns' which do not need planning consent. I wonder what their Lordships thought H.R.A. really meant!

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Gerry Ryan

Gerry R

Easily the oldest Member, Gerry actually hails from Halifax,Yorkshire' but educated at Liverpool University (yes, it's true he had 'digs' in Penny Lane, and his Landlady's evening paper was delivered by Paul McCartney!).

Now living above his station (in this case Hever Station), he has spent his working life in IT, from it's birth in the late 1950's. He was IBM (UK)'s 100th employee, and continued with Philips, Polygram, and his own Company, GRIT until about two years ago when he 'retired'. He now finds he has much less leisure, as his time is occupied by being:-

  • District Councillor at Sevenoaks District Council for Hever and Cowden.
  • Trustee at Edenbridge Citizens Advice Bureau.
  • Secretary, Set Builder and (as infrequently as he can manage) Actor with Penshurst Amateur Dramatic Society.
  • Chairman of the Trustees of Hever Village Hall, and Honorary grass cutter, (he can be seen driving illegally along Hever Road on his trusty Countax lawn tractor). And yes, it was Gerry who chose the delicate shade of red for the Hall roof!
  • Licensing Officer and Management Committee Member at Penshurst Village Hall, (he is also about to become a Personal Licence Holder - that is unless he fails the CRB check!)

He was dragged onto the Hever Residents Committee by Jan, his wife, many years ago...

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Katherine Storey

Katherine S

Katherine moved to Hever approximately 12 years ago and lives in Pigdown Lane, which in itself is a fun and friendly "community within a community" and known for its occasional "house to house" New Years Eve and Summer street parties!

Katherine has lived in the Sevenoaks area all her life, having been educated at Walthamstow Hall School in Sevenoaks, and after a short spell working and living in London, decided she was better suited to country life and returned to Sevenoaks. She has been involved in the "property" business for her entire career, firstly in the auction department at Allsop and Co, followed by 12 years running an office for a major Corporate Property/Insurance Company, and latterly managing the Hildenborough office of James Millard Independent Estate Agents which specialises in the sale of country houses.

Katherine got "roped-in" to Hever Residents Association in early 2004, where she serves as the representative for Pigdown Lane.

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Peter Leppard

Peter L

Peter Leppard is a Hever “local” in every sense of the word!

The Hever Residents Association is delighted to have Peter as a member of the Committee, bringing a wealth of local knowledge and experience to the table.

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Laura Palmer

Laura P

Laura has been a business relationship / project manager over the past 15 years with a number of high profile investment banks.

She lives with her partner near the centre of the village and her hobbies include horse riding, gardening and learning to sail.

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Andrew Townsend

Andrew T

Andrew grew up in Tunbridge Wells and moved to Hever in 2004 with his wife Juliet and their three sons. Juliet was brought up in Hever and both have family who live in the surrounding villages.

Andrew has spent his working career in insurance, firstly as a broker and more recently as an underwriter specialising in Professional Indemnity.

Aside from his family his love is sport particularly cricket where he is a playing member of the MCC. Other favourite pastimes include golf, when he gets the chance, and tending to the garden.

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Peter Burke

Peter B

born in South London, Peter Moved to Hever from Bromley seventeen years ago with his wife Jane and son Michael.

Peter has been involved in the meat trade for some thirty five years in various roles and is now director of his own meat import/export business.

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John and Jacqi Adkins

John A

John and his wife Jacqi have lived in Hever for over 20 years and their two sons have been through schools in the local area, onto university and out the other side!

John works independently as an interim CEO specialising in transition and turnaround of businesses in distress.

A strong supporter of local endeavours he has been Fixture Secretary of Falconhurst Cricket Club for many years, enjoys taking wickets and getting a few runs. He is also Secretary to the Mark Beech Village Hall committee and on other local committees.

Jacqi is renowned for her artistic skills regularly exhibiting her modern embroidery works in local and London galleries and runs classes from their home.

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Barry Treen

John A

Barry hails from the Heastingas (people of Hastings). Although he has no recollection of the events leading up to the town's foundation, nor of the subsequent Norman invasion 500 years later.

He reads science novels and engineering books to relax and vents his frustration by hitting people with a long pointy steel blade (Epee).

Barry has been a resident of West Kent since 1997 and works in I.T. He has been managing the development of Sevenoaks School applications and websites for the past 2 years.

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