Hever Residents Association

"To preserve, protect and, if possible, improve the local environment"

A Bit About Hever Residents Association

Hever Residents Association is a voluntary and non-profit making organisation. Its stated aims are "to preserve, protect and if possible, improve the local environment".

To this end, we have been the instigators of or involved with various village improvement and preservation projects since the association was formed in January 1990.

Highly satisfactory results have been achieved on a number of issues brought to our attention over the years as well. We enjoy the respect of our Local Authorities and work closely with them.

Every committee member is willing to offer help and advice regarding local matters. If we do not know the answer, we generally know someone who does. We also arrange social events throughout the year to help keep the "village spirit" going!

If you are interested in finding out more about what goes on inside Hever Residents Association you can view the Constitution by clicking here or follow this link to the AGM Section where you can find the minutes of the IGM and AGMs’ which will give you a "potted history".